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Business Loans in Kenya

Finding business financing in any economic climate can be challenging, whether you're looking for start-up funds, capital to expand or money to hold on through the tough times. But given our current state of affairs, securing funds is as tough as ever. A wise entrepreneur knows how significant it is to take every opportunity on the way.

To help you find the money you need, BIMAS Kenya offers you the opportunity to secure much needed funding to boost your business and its related activities. Business loans are designed to facilitate scaling up of businesses through accessing affordable financial services. Bimas does not only offers you a wide range of options, but also the flexibility to tailor your financing to fit your needs.

Biashara loans are available to businesses and individuals in business who need to finance expansion or diversify their business assets. In the changing economic climate, business loans can help strengthen your financial stability during lean periods. By registering as a member of Bimas, we assure to finance you upto Kes.1000,000 to ensure we boost your business and achieve the best out of it.


1. Loan amounts are tailored to fit your business needs

2. Flexible Collateral requirements

3. Flexible repayment terms

4. You can get loan upto Kes. 1000,000


1. Must be in legal business activity

2. Have business permit and pin certificate where necessary

3. In case of a company, certificate of incorporation is needed

4. Six months bank statement/MPESA statement

If your dream has been to buy car for personal or commercial use and pay monthly at affordable price and flexible loan repayment period then Bimas Kenya is the partner to count on. With asset financing, we are able to finance our members to acquire moveable assets such as tuktuk, motorbikes, bodabodas and lorries.

Product such as Bodaboda loan enables members access funding for purchase of Boda Boda. BIMAS provides bodaboda loans to young entrepreneurs who want to venture into this business but lack capital to start.


1. No additional security required, it’s self-securing

2. Flexible Collateral requirements

3. Extended flexible repayment period

4. Free insurance and tracking for the period of the loan

5. Loan processing is done within 48 hours

Bodaboda Loan Features

1. Maximum of loan amount of Kes. 150,000 is given

2. Repayment period of upto maximum of 18months depending on the cost of the motorbike

3. Mandatory commitment fee of Kes. 14000 of first deposit

4. Repayment can be daily weekly or monthly

5. Standandard installment amount and with one week claim settlement

Loans that are provided to individuals who have registered with a self-help group and have complied with rules and regulations governing such groups.BIMAS Group Loan provides financial services to business people for them to grow. These loans are provided to individuals who belong to a group whereby each member within that group guarantee one another. As a group looking to finance your big dream aimed at a common target, this loan facility is ideal just for those plans.


1. Each member within that group guarantee one another

2. You can get a loan of upto Kes. 1000,000 depending on business performance

3. Extended flexible repayment period

4. Members of a group save each Kes. 200 per meeting

5. Provides a good opportunity for group projects to expand

Loan Features

1. Membership of atleast 5 members and above

2. The group must be registered and recognised too

3. Repayment period of 3 months to 18 months of the loan borrowed

4. Group meetings are fortnight/monthly

5. Savings of of 10% of the loan amount borrowed

Investment loan is a loan product given to members who would wish to finance purchase of an investment property. It can be put towards any type of real estate investing, whether its commercial real estate or residential.

If your chama is looking to invest, this loan product is a specially tailored loan to make funds available when viable group projects have been identified so that your chama can advantage of it and invest in it.


1. Investment gains have the potential to reach financial goals faster

2. Provides a good opportunity for group investment projects to expand

3. Loan amounts are tailored to fit your investment project

4. Flexible loan security requirements

Loan Features

1. The group must be formally registered for borrowing purpose

2. Ability to pay loan must be clearly demonstrated

3. Group meetings are fortnight/monthly

4. Savings of of 15% of the loan amount borrowed

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