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Social Products Loans, Solar Systems, Clean Stoves & Water Purification Products

Bimas is creating a distribution channel to reach unserved and underserved markets including targeting rural, low income and poorly educated populations which are often neglected because they are difficult to reach and uneconomical to serve. We provide such clients with affordable financing options so that they can purchase life enhancing social products such as solar systems, clean stoves e.g Jikokoa, water purification products.

This product helps individuals and communities gain access to clean affordable, life-enhancing goods and services that save them time and money – making them and their loved ones healthier, more resilient and empowered to strengthen their lives and communities.

Social Product Loans

Cooking Stoves

Thousands of citizens use harmful fuels to cook their meals. The efficient Jikokoa cooking stove that Bimas is providing reduce harmful emissions and cook food much faster than an open fire. With clean stoves, women can typically save many hours a week compared to an open fire, while reducing fuel costs and deadly smoke inhalation
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Social Products Loans

Solar Systems

A simple solar system helps clients extend their business hours, gives light for children to study and eliminates daily costs and tolls of a hazardous kerosene lamp. We have ensured solar systems are available to our client’s communities by creating partnerships with solar companies. Bimas is helping small enterprises to scale by providing financial solutions to them
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Social Product Loans

Water Purification Products

Many family members spend hours walking to far-away to look for water resources such as open wells and running rivers. However, this water can be contaminated with deadly diseases hence endangering health matters of such family members. Water purification products can significantly reduce incidence of diarrheal diseases amongst children.
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